Matt Asay

I have had the pleasure of working with Aaron and Akron Plumbing many times over the last few years, given that I live in an older home in a tree-filled neighborhood (tree roots are constantly invading our pipes). I trust him 100% to be in my home, whether I’m able to be there or not, and always appreciate his thoroughness and honesty. In fact, if I have any complaint, it’s that I never feel that he charges enough (which is an odd thing to say, I know, but it’s true). His prices always tend to be significantly lower what I might pay the big plumbing companies. And yet I find the quality of the work he does to be even better. He doesn’t try to charge us for things that don’t actually need to be done. We’ve had him do everything from rebuild faucets to drill through blocked pipes. I recommend Aaron and Akron Plumbing without any reservations, and with a great deal of enthusiasm. He’s fantastic.