Wesley Johnson

I woke up Tuesday morning and there was water everywhere in my basement. I called my neighbor and asked for help and he recommended I call Aaron with Akron plumbing. I called Aaron and I told him what I was dealing with and he explained to me how to shut off the water. Aaron told me he would be at my house within two hours. I started hauling items out of the basement while waiting for him. Once he arrived and assed the problem he called a flood restoration company. He also explained to me the main drain was not draining and he would have to cable to clear the main line. Aaron completed the work and got it draining before the restoration company arrived. He also suggested that we camera the main line to see if we would have this issue again. I have never met a more honest and professional company than Akron Plumbing. I will always be loyal to Akron and recommend Aaron to all of my friends and family.